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Sony Accessory Guide

Web and Mobile Application
Project 01

Sony Accessory Guide

Sony's ever-evolving camera and videocamera catalog posed a challenge to the thousands of sales reps nationwide servicing consumer electronics shops large and small. With dozens of cameras in several categories and hundreds of accessories creating tens of thousands of "compatibility relationships", it was rigorous work for sales reps to help the chains keep the camera models straight and prevent sales accessories from being sold to customers that didn't work with the camera or videocamera they owned. To date, a one-inch thick glossy catalog produced quarterly was used to get the job done.

Together with the creative director in charge of producing the catalog, engine(sf) was tasked with building a dedicated online system that allows model changes and accessory compatibilities to be reviewed and approved in realtime by Sony personnel. Sony sales reps can now browse cameras and videocamera accessories with retail store buyers, by plugging in a model number and showing compatible accessories (or view acessories and show the compatible hardware). They can also create a custom catalog by selecting models and/or categories of hardware, leaving the buyer with a catalog that is relevant to what they sell.

Q4 2013 was the last printing of the glossy catalog, along with the release of the smartphone and tablet versions of the dynamic camera and videocamera catalog.

  • Client: Sony
  • Role: Site Builder, Interaction Coding, Backend
  • Year: 2013

Green Beans Coffee Company

Web and Mobile
Project 02

Interaction Strategy and Execution

Green Beans Coffee operates over 60 coffee shops in war zones throughout the middle east, serving coffee, tea and pastries to troops in very tough conditions. Ask any service member who is now or has ever served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they will likely remember a cargo container, dropped into the zone by a blackhawk helicopter, converted in days to a high-grade coffee shop just like you would find back home.

Green Beans Coffee charged engine(sf) with creating Cup of Joe for a Joe, a unique online donation application that allows anyone to buy a cup of coffee for troops overseas which is delivered along with a note of thanks for their service. The donated coffee is delivered next day, and many gifters receive a thanks back from the troops within days. Many have established long-term pen pals with troops. 500k facebook fans and over a million cups of coffee donated later and the program continues to grow strong.

Green Beans Coffee has relied on engine(sf) with building and maintaining their online presence designing and building their website desktop and mobile versions, and ecommerce initiatives including products, coffee cards for troops, and the Bag of Joe program along with the Cup of Joe program. Engine(sf) is responsible for server and traffic management, ecommerce, site design, and all ongoing development efforts related to driving an online business that has grown from startup to over a $million in sales per year.

  • Client: Green Beans Coffee Company
  • Role: Site and Mobile Design, Development, and Evolution
  • Year: 2006-Present

Tonix Teams

Interactive Catalog
Project 03

Tonix Teams Interactive Catalog

Creating and customizing uniforms for sports teams is a complicated business to manage. Making things work online in a usable way to outfit dozens of sizes and shapes requires a lot of moving parts, from the user experience on the front end all the way down to the server.

To help ease the flow for Tonix customers, we built a one-step, multi-grid order entry system that keeps everything in one place and intuitive. This was all part of a user-experience effort that included the entire purchase process, from browsing the shirts and sports outerwear, logos, and symbols to creating custom catalogs.

A separate, but equally complex effort was made to present the catalog on the back end for easy maintenance of the content and catalog.

  • Client: Tonix Teams
  • Role: Site Build, UX
  • Year: 2012

Loyal Army

Site, Online Catalog, Games and Animation
Project 04

Loyal Army

Engine(sf) helped bring Loyal Army's selection of manga-inspired fashion for tweens to the web from the day the company was born in a flat in San Francisco. Several years later, Loyal Army was on the shelves at Macy's, Nordstrom, and eventually stocked front-to-back in their own retail stores in select locations throughout California.

Working closely with Loyal Army, engine(sf) helped design and build the Loyal Army site, online store, and store locator. We also extended their character illustrations with animations and games throughout the site to help make their characters come alive. Over the years, we enhanced the experience with their connected fanbase with blogs and social media.

  • Client: Loyal Army
  • Role: Site Design, Build, and Maintenance
  • Year: 2006-2013

Busacca Gallery

Art Curator Online Showcase
Project 05

Busacca Gallery

The Busacca Gallery website is a portal of high-end art that allows artists and collectors to maintain their own catalogs within the site. Mark Busacca came to us with his catalog designed and published, needing a secure admin tool built to allow his artist clients to upload their own art and creating their own sub-catalogs.

The system we built allows artists and dealers to create unlimited galleries with a variety of rich showcase media. An approval system was created as a curation process to grow the best possible mega-catalog for the end-user. The site now displays thousands of curated, high-end objects de art across many different styles and eras in an immersive web experience.

  • Client: Busacca Gallery
  • Role: Site Build, Backend UX
  • Year: 2009

Laura & Kiran Fabrics

Textiles as Art
Project 06

Laura & Kiran Fabrics

Laura & Kiran create fabrics and home textiles using techniques of India as a palette for design. Their designs are then "dyed, woven or embroidered by master craftsmen in India in a wide range of natural fabrics," then imported here and sold throughout the US.

Laura & Kiran naturally needed a modern, usable website to display the elegant yet intricate designs so buyers could see for themselves what revolutionary and beautiful works they have to offer. We built a site and catalog that is easy to browse and take in the detail of their textile artwork. We further constructed a back-end that allows them to update the ever-changing and evolving catalog to keep their work up-to-date.

  • Client: Laura & Kiran Fabrics
  • Role: Site Development
  • Year: 2010

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We are a small and nimble virtual agency with a broad network spanning both new media and entertainment. We can create teams on the fly that are custom-fit to your unique goals creating interaction and content that surpases your competitors. We suggest you take a look at our recent work to get to know us better. Browse our portfolio or read highlights of recent projects below.

How We Work

EngineSF clients get a passionate, business-savvy network of designers and developers who value practical, measurable success. We understand ROI and your big picture. Once we get to know you, we build products that respect your audience. We strive to create an experience that translates to a stronger and more profitable bond with your existing customers in addition to broadening your customer base.

We can work with you on small projects to start, or consult on your bigger projects to get to know you. We work with businesses small and large, entrepreneurs, and venture capital.

A sample of other companies we have worked with.

Sony, Wal Mart, Sun Microsystems, Computer Associates, Green Beans Coffee Company, Franklin Templeton, eDiets


We blew up the paper-based Sony Accessory catalog and made an interactive web and mobile tool that the Sony sales force can present to retailers. The application matches cameras and videocameras with only their compatible accessories, creating a custom catalog relevant to each retailer thus reducing the costly sales and returns of incompatible accessories. We created a website, and phone and tablet versions, and created an android app available in Google Play.

Green Beans Coffee Company

We created a web application for Green Beans Coffee Company that lets you purchase a cup of coffee for troops serving abroad, delivered to the troops in harms way, the very next day. You can send a message of thanks and the troops can (and often do) write back. Green Beans has delivered over 1 million cups of coffee to the troops since we first built it for them in 2009. You can find out more about them in this Anderson Cooper 360 profile, or read the Wall Street Journal article.

Anonymous Wifi Startup

We recently built a wifi hotspot service for an anonymous startup, coding the routers, the database software, and the web-based front end that allows the user to select, buy, and download custom-filtered film, tv, and periodicals. We hooked in the related content relationships for realtime revenue processing.